Why Your Likes And Follows Don’t Matter with Wade Sutton | WHRH 052 5

RocketToTheStars.com’s Wade Sutton chats with me about social media, websites, and capturing email leads for your band.

One of the big mistakes we see bands make is how they interpret their numbers on social media, and how most bands get those numbers totally wrong.

Even to the point of buying those likes and follows in order to look impressive.

This is a huge mistake, and we discuss this topic and many others for truly getting your fans to hear what you have to say, get sales and show attendance, and not be a spammy musician.

Rocket To The Star's Wade Sutton discusses social media with your band and why your likes and follows don't really matter

Making Money with Band Merch featuring Billy Grisack

Making Money With Band Merch featuring Billy Grisack

Billy shares his wisdom on band merchandise. An independent musician as well as music marketer, Billy knows how to sell merch.

As a self-sufficient musician, you NEED to know how to sell merch! Sometimes, that’s the only money you will make from a show.

Hidden gem in the show: Billy sold a shirt to Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell who, then, wore it on stage. How cool is that?

From Playing Restaurants to Touring with Steve Vai. Meet “Hip Harpist” Deborah Henson-Conant | WHRH #50

Deborah Henson-Conant shares how she became a full time musician and transformed her instrument to match her stage personality.

Deborah got her start only knowing a couple of songs on the harp. Being thrown into it, she had to learn how to improv just to keep her new gig!

From these humble beginnings, Deborah has worked her way up to touring with Steve Vai and performing with jazz symphonies. All the while, she has transformed the stationary harp into something like the modern electric guitar.

Deborah Henson Conant, Hip Harpist, from restaurants to Steve Vai

Use these fan superchargers for all your music marketing

Which Of These “Fan Superchargers” Are You Missing? 2

Too often bands forget about the most important element of their musical success and music marketing: the fans.

Everything should be focused on your fans. From writing songs, playing shows, to posting on Facebook.

But we lose sight of this, or forget in the hectic day-to-day of booking and rehearsing. So here’s a few Fan Superchargers to make sure you are focusing on your fans.

5 Music Career Killers. Which One Are You Doing?

There are things we do to sabotage ourselves with our music. Sometimes it’s because there are myths our there about what we should be doing. Other times, we are just putting things in our own way to prevent our success.

Since I’m starting up a new music project, and I’ve had to conquer some of my own music career killers, I thought I’d take a chance and share what I see musicians doing to kill their careers.

The fifth one is the hardest one I’ve had to come to terms with.

Are you killing your music career by doing one of these 5 things?

Content Marketing for Musicians with Adam Spencer of MusoMania

How To Market Your Band Using Content Marketing with Adam Spencer | WHRH 048

Adam Spencer is founder of MusoMania.com, and one of Adam’s specialties is content marketing.

“Whoa! Hold on there, Tex! Content a-shi-wawa!?! What jibberish are you talking?”

Okay, don’t get turned off here. Bear with me! “Content” is stuff like a blog post, a YouTube video, or a sharable image. “Content Marketing” is using blog posts and videos to gain attention for your music.

Make sense? No? Yes?

Well listen as Adam and I chat about content marketing and having a kick ass content calendar for your band.

How To Make Money With A Cover Band (Even If You Play Originals) | WHRH 047

In the latest episode of Work Hard, Rock Harder, I’m joined by Andrew Verdoes of the band Blue-A-Fuse.

In addition to being a full time musician and doing original music, Andrew’s band also does a lot of cover gigs. In this episode, Andrew tells you how to get these paying gigs…and how to slip your original music in under the radar.

How To Make Money In A Cover Band (Even If You Play Originals) with Andrew Verdoes of Blue-A-Fuse

4 Ways To Get Your Band Booked When The Booker Is Ignoring You

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/39qDrUnkHP0″]


OH no! Can’t get a show! Keep sending out booking emails that never get replied to.


1. Never Stop


Keep sending emails on a regular basis until you get the show. I send an email once every 2 weeks. When I was trying to book a tour, I increased it to once every week until I got a response.


If they say “No”, back off for a month and try again. The turnover rate is pretty high for bookers. Might get a new booker next month that will say yes.


2. Ask Other Bands


Talk to bands that are booked to play there. Ask them how they got the gig?


You could ask them to put in a good word for you or set up a meeting through email.


If you are on good terms, you might ask if you could do a quick 20 minute set at the beginning of the night for free.


3. Go To The Venue


Physically go to the venue. Meet the staff and ask them who does the bookings. Be nice and tip!


Put up a self-promo flyer at the show. Hand out stickers. Hand out business cards or free downloads.


4. Put Together The Lineup


Remember: “Bookers are lazy and want to do the least work possible.”


Put together a line-up of bands yourself and present that lineup to the booker. (Of course, your band is playing in this line-up.)


If the booker likes the line-up and its for an open date, they’ll be more likely to book you because they don’t have to do any work! You just did their job for them!