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The band, The Silver Comet, is going out on the 2012 Warped Tour and asked me for some ideas on funding. The biggest question to ask first is how much is it going to cost? The biggest cost, in my experience, is gasoline. (See the previous podcast and blog post where Blasko and I try to figure out ways to fund the tour.)

Below, I recorded a video to show how you can calculate your tour’s gas costs using Google Maps. Additionally, I used the 2011 Warped Tour’s dates to calculate the theoretical cost for The Silver Comet.

Here’s the basic calculation to know what the cost is. First, figure out your total gallons of gas burned:

Total Miles / Miles Per Gallon = Total Gallons

Then, the second part is to figure out the total cost of gas:

Total Gallons * Cost Per Gallon = Total Cost

And, afterwards, you need to add some margin of error. You never know if you’ll need to drive out of your way, so add in at least an extra 10%.

Total Cost * 1.10 = Total Cost with an additional 10%

After calculating the costs in the video, the number for 40+ dates on the road is daunting. To really make the tour cost effective, they might want to team up with another band and share a van to help split the costs.


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