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7 Reasons Why Your Fans Don’t Go To Your Shows (And What To Do About It) 5

When bands set out to do show promotion, rarely does the band take the time to think of how that show appears in the eyes of their fans. To get people out to your shows, you need to take a step back and look at it from your fans’ perspectives. Here are 7 reasons that [...]

Why don't fans come to your shows?

4 Ways To Get Your Band Booked When The Booker Is Ignoring You

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OH no! Can’t get a show! Keep sending out booking emails that never get replied to.


1. Never Stop


Keep sending emails on a regular basis until you get the show. I send an email once every 2 weeks. When I was trying to book a tour, I increased it to once every week until I got a response.


If they say “No”, back off for a month and try again. The turnover rate is pretty high for bookers. Might get a new booker next month that will say yes.


2. Ask Other Bands


Talk to bands that are booked to play there. Ask them how they got the gig?


You could ask them to put in a good word for you or set up a meeting through email.


If you are on good terms, you might ask if you could do a quick 20 minute set at the beginning of the night for free.


3. Go To The Venue


Physically go to the venue. Meet the staff and ask them who does the bookings. Be nice and tip!


Put up a self-promo flyer at the show. Hand out stickers. Hand out business cards or free downloads.


4. Put Together The Lineup


Remember: “Bookers are lazy and want to do the least work possible.”


Put together a line-up of bands yourself and present that lineup to the booker. (Of course, your band is playing in this line-up.)


If the booker likes the line-up and its for an open date, they’ll be more likely to book you because they don’t have to do any work! You just did their job for them!

WHRH 039 | Booking Tips and How To Write Band Bios with Jana Pochop 2

Jana Pochop is the booking agent for Susan Gibson, a band consultant with Social Thinkery, and a folk musician in the duo JanAnna.

In addition to being a booking agent for an artist, Jana also is a booker for the club The Bugle Boy in La Grange, Texas. She brings both sides of the booking perspective to this interview.

Band Bios, Booking Tips, with Jana Pochop

Do whatever is necessary for your music: busking, streaming, and hustling.

Whatever it Takes: Busking, Streaming, and Hustling 10

I wrote this post a few months back, but never published it. Since then, I’ve put the band on hiatus, so some of the info is out of date. Thought I’d share this anyways! Making your band successful is extremely difficult, especially when your own band gets in the way. But are you really doing [...]

WHRH 036 | How To Be A Full Time Musician? Get off your *ss. (with Cayce Smith)

Cayce Smith is the singer-guitarist for the progressive metal band, The Absent Light. He jumped on the phone between recording sessions to chat about what it takes to be a full time musician.

Cayce Smith of The Absent Light

From Nursing Homes to Press Releases with Jason Wells

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Jason Wells shares how he became an independent musician and how he pays the bills on today’s Work Hard, Rock Harder episode.

WHRH 032 | Tours, House Shows, and Session Gigs with Kira Small 1

Listen on Stitcher Check out this podcast on iTunes. Kira Small, a Nashville musician, joins episode 32 of Work Hard, Rock Harder to talk about how she is a full time musician. Kira talks about how she mixes touring, house shows, and session work to make her living in the competitive Country R&B scene. [...]

Kira Small on Work Hard, Rock Harder

WHRH 031 | Music Success in a Cold-Water Hot Tub with Bob Wayne

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Booking one or many venues

Are You Booking One Venue or Many?

Should you focus on only one venue? Or should you move from venue to venue? This is a question I got from a reader, Ray Clemens, recently. Here are some of my thoughts. Always New Venues You should always be exploring new venues with your band, expanding outwards, and finding new fans. Every venue has [...]