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WHRH 028 | Facebook: Some Do’s and Don’ts 2

Been busy and then sick. Sorry for the lack of updates! Talking about Facebook today and how to get your fans on to your band’s Facebook event invite. Facebook events won’t allow you to add your page’s fans. You can only invite your personal friends to an event. A bit frustrating. So, I started […]

Numbers Suck! What Bands should really be Measuring.

    Video streaming by Ustream Sit back and drink some wine while watching my late night music biz chat on Ustream. Tonight I talk about why numbers suck…at least how most musicians use them. None of your followers care how many people like your band’s page. They especially can’t like you more to grow […]

Change Facebook Timeline Tab Images

How to Change Facebook Timeline Tab Images 2

    As much as people are going nuts over the Facebook Timeline changes, I’m not really caring too much. Personally, I think people pay more attention to their Facebook news stream than they do your Facebook page. Still, I just discovered a cool tip from Jeff Johnson’s Nonstop Traffic Formula. You can change how […]

My Band’s First Show: Snowstorms and Marketing 7

I just had my first show with my band. I’ve been preaching a lot about what bands should do, so here’s a breakdown of how I both followed my own advice, and how I didn’t. Unfortunately, Seattle was hit by a snow storm before we played. Anyone who has lived in Seattle knows that the […]

My Band's First Show: Snowstorms and Marketing

Ramblings of a Burnt Out Musician with a Shitty Promotion

Ramblings of a Burnt Out Musician with a Shitty Promotion 11

I don’t have anything really ground-breaking to say today. This is more of a journal entry for what I’ve been up to with my band. I ordered t-shirts, a vinyl banner backdrop, and stickers for the upcoming show. I expect I won’t recoup any of the money. For the stickers and shirts, I’m planning on […]

A Beginning Strategy for Online Band Promotion: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs 15

Despite all my blabbing here, my band hasn’t been doing much online promotion. Instead, we’ve been concentrating on getting our music written as well as being able to play live. Now, we’re getting close to being able to record and start playing shows. So we need to start promoting and building our online presence. In […]

A Beginning Strategy for Band Promotion: Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging

Facebook Events Drive Me Insane and Force Me To Spam 7

I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to promote a show on Facebook. I’ve discovered a few things about Facebook in my research. One, Facebook events really suck. If you create an event when you’re signed into your Fan Page, you can’t invite your fans. Now, repeat that statement to hear how silly […]

WHRH 005 | Funding your Band’s Tour: Fan Funding and Hard Choices 5

I got a question from a band, The Silver Comet, that is trying to figure out ways to fund their 40 or more dates on the Warped Tour. Blasko and I spent this entire episode brainstorming ways this band can get money as well as dispelling some myths. In this podcast: For a nation-wide […]

WHRH 005 | Funding your Tour

HootSuite...helping automate your Twitter and Facebook

Freedom! Reclaim your Life from Twitter and Facebook 4

Let me introduce you to a wonderful friend of mine, HootSuite. Why is HootSuite so great? I just spent an hour and now have posts on Twitter for the next two weeks. Yes, I can go on vacation, right now, and have Twitter working for me the whole time. I drink margaritas, and my followers […]