Promoting a show

Which Of These “Fan Superchargers” Are You Missing? 2

Too often bands forget about the most important element of their musical success and music marketing: the fans.

Everything should be focused on your fans. From writing songs, playing shows, to posting on Facebook.

But we lose sight of this, or forget in the hectic day-to-day of booking and rehearsing. So here’s a few Fan Superchargers to make sure you are focusing on your fans.

Use these fan superchargers for all your music marketing

Why don't fans come to your shows?

7 Reasons Why Your Fans Don’t Go To Your Shows (And What To Do About It) 14

When bands set out to do show promotion, rarely does the band take the time to think of how that show appears in the eyes of their fans. To get people out to your shows, you need to take a step back and look at it from your fans’ perspectives. […]

How To Market Your Band Using Content Marketing with Adam Spencer | WHRH 048

Adam Spencer is founder of, and one of Adam’s specialties is content marketing.

“Whoa! Hold on there, Tex! Content a-shi-wawa!?! What jibberish are you talking?”

Okay, don’t get turned off here. Bear with me! “Content” is stuff like a blog post, a YouTube video, or a sharable image. “Content Marketing” is using blog posts and videos to gain attention for your music.

Make sense? No? Yes?

Well listen as Adam and I chat about content marketing and having a kick ass content calendar for your band.

Content Marketing for Musicians with Adam Spencer of MusoMania

From Nursing Homes to Press Releases with Jason Wells

WHRH 033 | From Nursing Homes to Press Releases with Jason Wells 1

Jason Wells shares how he became an independent musician and how he pays the bills on today’s Work Hard, Rock Harder episode.

WHRH 029 | Bodies Through the Door

  *New!* Listen on Stitcher Check out this podcast on iTunes. Show Notes: iTunes Reviews Thanks, Rob Costigan! Thanks, Aaron from Killing Abraham ReverbNation … my loves and hates with the service Bodies Through The Door Let People Know Who You Are Flyers help, but its a slow […]

WHRH 028 | Facebook: Some Do’s and Don’ts 2

Been busy and then sick. Sorry for the lack of updates! Talking about Facebook today and how to get your fans on to your band’s Facebook event invite. Facebook events won’t allow you to add your page’s fans. You can only invite your personal friends to an event. A […]

WHRH 027 | The Secret to Filling Shows

Listen and Subscribe on iTunes! There is no secret The secret to filling shows is no secret at all. The secret is making a great connection with people to the point they always want to come out to your shows. Though this sounds easy, there is a lot of […]

Flyers are ineffective.

Flyers Suck: Is There Something Better? 3

I’ve been creating flyers for my shows and hanging them up all around the vicinity of the venue. The result? They don’t do shit. I’ve had about the same turnout for shows that had zero flyers as the ones that did. Is there something better? [subhead]Alternative Flyers[/subhead] The following is […]

No One Cares About Your Band

One of the core aspects of music marketing, one that many bands don’t understand, is this: No one cares about you or your needs, wants, and desires. What the hell am I talking about? No one cares about what you want. No one cares about your band just because you […]

Core Principles of Music Marketing for your Band