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WHRH 022 | Rock the Merch Booth!

Check us out on iTunes and leave a review. Register for the Rapid Band Development Webinar here! In this episode, Seth talks about how to get extra money at your merch booth. In addition, Seth talks about using your passion and your body for better recordings and shows. Show Notes: Use your passion Better […]

Will YouTube Sue Me? Licensing a Cover Song, Synch Licensing

Will I Get Sued on YouTube? Licensing a Cover Song 18

My band is recording a cover song, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Since it’s a cover song, I need to get the rights to use it. I found a really easy and affordable way to license the music! But, I also found a giant and annoying snag in regards to YouTube. A snag so […]

Promotional Results for my Band’s First Show 8

Continuing from last week’s post on how my band’s first show went, I’m going to cover more successes and mistakes I made at the show and promoting the show. At the very end, I cover the costs of this promotion and what my band made from the show. Practice, Practice, Practice Despite what I thought […]

Some Basic Tips for Recording on your Own

Some Basic Tips for Recording on your Own 12

I’ve been recording a song for my band. We got the drums recorded last week and just finished recording guitars and vocals. We’re doing it ourselves, and I’m going to share a bit of advice I’ve gleaned from doing this. One song at a time First, when recording on your own, only go for one […]

A Simple Way to Record Drums 5

My band is jumping in to recording a song on our own. I am, by no means, an expert at recording, mixing, or mastering. Quite the opposite. However, I have tried, on multiple occassions, to record and mix on my own. And, recently, I discovered a much better way of recording drums purely by accident. […]

A Simplified Way to Record Drums