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WHRH 025 | 23 Ways to Promote your Songs 2

Listen on iTunes! This week, I dive into how to promote a song. This is more of a brainstorm session than a “this is what you need to do” type of episode. Since I’m about to launch into a campaign for my band’s singles, this was a great time […]

WHRH 022 | Rock the Merch Booth!

Check us out on iTunes and leave a review. Register for the Rapid Band Development Webinar here! In this episode, Seth talks about how to get extra money at your merch booth. In addition, Seth talks about using your passion and your body for better recordings and shows. Show […]

Will YouTube Sue Me? Licensing a Cover Song, Synch Licensing

Will I Get Sued on YouTube? Licensing a Cover Song 19

My band is recording a cover song, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Since it’s a cover song, I need to get the rights to use it. I found a really easy and affordable way to license the music! But, I also found a giant and annoying snag in regards […]

WHRH 009 | Does your Band Really Want to be Famous?

Blasko constantly gets asked “How do I get my band famous?” In today’s podcast, we tackle the “fame” question and analyze what this really means in today’s music industry. (Check us out on iTunes, too!) Show Notes: What is “fame”? Bands want to make a living making music. Fame […]

2 Quick Tips when Submitting Music to Internet Radio 4

I was listening to Northwest Metal Radio, last night, (as part of my strategy for local networking with radio, blogs, etc) and the DJ threw out a couple of nuggets of advice to musicians submitting their MP3s to the station. I figured I would share this, plus, give you an […]

Bands in the Trenches: Can One Free Song a Month Get More Fans and More Money? 11

Here’s the transition we’re facing today. The concept of the album is dying, and singles are back on the rise. How do we monetize and promote singles? Especially since they are so easily pirated? The band, Cancer Killing Gemini, is using a unique strategy to both give singles away for […]

Cancer Killing Gemini: A Free Song a Month AND Making Money