How Bands Can Team Up With Local Businesses: The Takeaways 3

This is the final installment of posts by Wes Davenport. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Just Love Coffee Roasters, Tyrus Morgan, Dewveall, and everyone involved put in plenty of quality work to create a wonderful CD+Coffee package. Here are some takeaways to make your own business partnerships more seamless and successful.

Share a common goal

Sure, if all parties can profit off of a venture, that’s great. But charity as the common goal is a even stronger bond that makes a difference in the world.

Just Love owner Rob Webb and Tyrus Morgan share a passion for adoption and children in poverty. Participating band Dewveall also supports Charity: Water, which Just Love donates 5% of all sales to.

Start far in advance of the release date

Tyrus started pre-production in May to hit a holiday release window. Everyone has their own wild schedules to work around, so you can’t start too early. You never know what unforeseen problems can pop up.

Professional Presentation

Christmas CD & Coffee from Just Love RoastersTake a look at the visual aspects of the CD+Coffee package. Each item features an appealing design that makes both products look like they belong together.

Protect your brand

Your band has its own brand and its own reputation. Collaborate with people who are trustworthy. You work too hard to have your name dragged through the mud by bad businesses. It may seem cool to have a burger named after your band, but if it’s made by a restaurant that consistently fails their health inspections, you might have to change your name to something else.

Recognize opportunities for expansion

In addition to the CD+Coffee package, Tyrus and Just Love are taking the concept a step further with a live event called Carols and Coffee. Take your collaborations’ concept, strip it down to its most basic level, and see if it applies to other opportunities.

Many thanks to Tyrus Morgan and Jonathon Dewveall for contributing to this series on how musicians can team up with local businesses.

This was the third installment of guest posts by Wes Davenport. Check out his blog Where the Circle Ends. Then, give him a follow on Twitter.

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