Kiss School of Marketing: An Interview with Michael Brandvold

Michael Brandvold and I discuss his new, free eBook: The Kiss School of Marketing. The focus of our conversation is around the importance of branding for bands.

Branding, even though I know it is important, isn’t my specialty. But, I see its power with other bands making themselves a marketing powerhouse. Kiss is one of those bands who can put their name on anything and have it sell.

You may think your band is too pure for something like this. That’s cool. The rest of us will figure it out and make money while you argue it over.

So, if you want to read Michael’s eBook, just visit the Kiss School of Marketing page and sign up. I’ve been a subscriber of Michael’s for a while now, and he’s never spammed me. If that’s your worry, Michael is on the up and up.

Also mentioned in this interview is Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder. In fact, TODAY they will be having a FREE webinar on Direct To Fan Music Marketing. You still have time, so go sign up! (Update: This webinar is now sold out, but they will have a recording of it for $5. Cheap!)

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