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Band Merch Stand Basics: Your Super Money Maker 19

The merch booth is a large source of income for a band. Most of the time, a band makes more money from their merch booth than they would’ve from the door of the show itself. However, most bands treat the merch booth as an afterthought. Some bands don’t even set […]

The Basics of setting up a merch table

Do you have a Purple Cow Band?

Is your Band a Purple Cow? 4

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. This book has changed how I’m going to approach everything I do. Imagine yourself driving along the road. You see a bunch of cows. They are all basically the same color, same size, and doing the same thing. Boring. Suddenly you see […]

Blasko and Chris Seth Jackson's Podcast

WHRH 013 | Using Social Proof and Reciprocity to Increase Sales for your Band


Blasko and Seth cover the principles of social proof and reciprocity to increase your sales, increase your bookings, and also how to not abuse such psychological techniques. When you hear how marketers tell you to give your stuff away for free, listen to this episode to […]

3 Tips for a Kick Ass Merch Table 10

Last night, I went to see Kai’s band, Hidden Number. While there, I noticed the headlining band’s (Smooth Sailing) merch booth. They had a huge, wood sculpture of their band logo sitting on top of a stand. No matter where I was at in the club, I could see their […]

6 Easily Avoidable Mistakes for a Band to Make at a Show 24

I went to a show tonight.  Every Monday I try to catch “Metal Monday” at the 2 Bit Saloon in Seattle. Tonight, was a great show! However, I’m noticing mistakes that every band should just slap themselves over. I’m slapping myself, because I’ve done the exact same thing in my bands.  […]

What to do with broken equipment? Make art! 1

  Another Music Experiment: Make broken equipment art.  Then sell it.  Broken strings, cymbals, cables; turn them into something fans would love.  Decorate a CD case with broken strings.  Make an artistic logo and signature on the broken snare head.  Also cool, mark down which shows this equipment was used […]