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WHRH 026 | How to Get the Most Out of your Shows (Wonky Episode!)

Episode #26 of Work Hard, Rock Harder podcast.

How to best capitalize on your shows. Be friendly Shake hands. Pocket friendly freebie. Make new friends. Make friends with the other bands. Exchange info. Thank the staff. Tip the bartender, door guy, whoever. Stick with your merch booth. Stay until […]

Do you have a Purple Cow Band?

Is your Band a Purple Cow? 4

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. This book has changed how I’m going to approach everything I do. Imagine yourself driving along the road. You see a bunch of cows. They are all basically the same color, same size, and doing the same thing. Boring. Suddenly you see […]

[UStream] Crappy Shows and Just Call Me Puma!

Here is my somewhat-weekly Ustream livecast, but, in this livecast, I have become Puma Jackson! Besides the “Puma”, I talk about a recent crappy show I had. I go into the details of why the show was crappy, and, unfortunately, let you know you’re going to see your share of […]

Promotional Results for my Band’s First Show 8

Continuing from last week’s post on how my band’s first show went, I’m going to cover more successes and mistakes I made at the show and promoting the show. At the very end, I cover the costs of this promotion and what my band made from the show. Practice, Practice, […]

My Band’s First Show: Snowstorms and Marketing 9

I just had my first show with my band. I’ve been preaching a lot about what bands should do, so here’s a breakdown of how I both followed my own advice, and how I didn’t. Unfortunately, Seattle was hit by a snow storm before we played. Anyone who has lived […]

My Band's First Show: Snowstorms and Marketing

Ramblings of a Burnt Out Musician with a Shitty Promotion

Ramblings of a Burnt Out Musician with a Shitty Promotion 11

I don’t have anything really ground-breaking to say today. This is more of a journal entry for what I’ve been up to with my band. I ordered t-shirts, a vinyl banner backdrop, and stickers for the upcoming show. I expect I won’t recoup any of the money. For the stickers […]

20 Easy Ways to Have FUN and Get More Fans! 23

Today’s post is about FUN! The music biz is filled with so many difficult things you have to do daily, sometimes you forget that fun needs to be a part of it. But “fun” does more than just let you relax, having fun brings more fans to you. If they […]

Reward Your Fans on YouTube…and Dramatically Get Even More Fans. 20

Inspired by Thorny Bleeder’s vlog about using YouTube to reward your fans, I decided to experiment with Shiplosion and received excellent results! Have you ever tried blasting to all your friends to add your band’s fan page? How’d that work for ya? Probably not as well as you wanted. Have […]

Developing a “Persona” and Daily YouTube Posting 10

I’m in the process of moving, right now, and I’ve been recording and uploading YouTube videos for my band every day. Because of this time impact, I haven’t been able to post here as much. This week and next, I may only get a couple of posts out until I’m done moving. […]


Are Fliers For A Show Even Worth It? Pt. 2 6

Previously, I had two posts that generated some great comments and insights into fliers for a show.  The first was about flier legibility which then lead to the question if fliers are even worth it. Today, I saw a HypeBot link about QR tags that inspired me to collect the awesome […]