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Tips on how to create a site for your indie band

How To Make A Music Website – 5 Ways To Make It Stand Out From The Crowd 1

    The following is a guest post from Shaun from Music Industry How To. Enjoy! Hey guys and girls, I’ve got a very special article for you today! As some of you may know, I’ve already showed you how to set up your very own professional website very quickly […]

WHRH 005 | Funding your Band’s Tour: Fan Funding and Hard Choices 5

I got a question from a band, The Silver Comet, that is trying to figure out ways to fund their 40 or more dates on the Warped Tour. Blasko and I spent this entire episode brainstorming ways this band can get money as well as dispelling some myths. In […]

WHRH 005 | Funding your Tour