WHRH 019 | 3 Power Tips when Starting your Band

Blasko and Seth answer 3 questions from Johnathan about starting a new band. We cover getting shows and avoiding pay-to-play. Second, we talk about finding band members. Last, we talk about how to schedule your time with all that pesky social media bugging you. [subhead]Show notes.[/subhead] 1. Steps approach […]

WHRH 018 | Trust Me, I’m Lying…and Other Music Biz Tricks 3

This show was really off the cuff, but I like it because this is a glimpse into how people in the industry view YOU as a band when you send your music, blindly, to be reviewed. If you want more traction in getting your music reviewed by others, listen […]

WHRH 017 | Info Overload, Making Money, and Getting Off Your Ass 4

This week, Blasko (Ozzy’s bassist, Band manager at Mercenary Management) and Seth ( discuss the dreaded information overload. There’s too much to learn. Learning without action means nothing. Here’s what you need to do, take something from any of the online gurus and do it for yourself. Guaranteed, your […]

WHRH 014 | Kickstarter, Direct-to-fan, and Why Amanda Palmer Kicks Metallica’s Ass 4


Blasko and Seth discuss DIY, Kickstarter, and Direct-to-fan engagement. Blasko stresses how money should not be a barrier to success. Also, we both cringe when we discuss Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster. Amanda Palmer would totally karate chop them. Show Notes: Blasko off on tour with Ozzy […]

10 iPhone Apps that Ozzy Osbourne’s Bassist Uses

    This is a guest post by Blasko, Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist and band manager at Mercenary Management. With the myriad of apps to choose from these days, which ones are the most useful to the the young musician types? Beats me, but here is my top 10. Oh, and […]

Blasko's top apps for a band's phone

Blasko and Chris Seth Jackson's Podcast

WHRH 013 | Using Social Proof and Reciprocity to Increase Sales for your Band


Blasko and Seth cover the principles of social proof and reciprocity to increase your sales, increase your bookings, and also how to not abuse such psychological techniques. When you hear how marketers tell you to give your stuff away for free, listen to this episode to […]

WHRH 013 | Do What Needs to be Done 2


Blasko uncovers the real secret to success. That secret is to just do it, even when you don’t want to. It sounds simple, but most bands don’t do what needs to be done in order to succeed. They wait. They put it off. They think someone […]

WHRH 012 | To Succeed, Be Different 5


In this episode of Work Hard, Rock Harder, Blasko and Seth discuss building your niche and knowing your demographic. The secret to being a successful band is not your budget or Major Label backing; It’s your ability to differentiate your band from all the others. WHRH 012 […]

WHRH 010 | Has your Band Created a Scene? 1

Today, we cover a lot of ground. Despite all the online media you do for your band, nothing is more powerful than being part of a scene. Bonus holiday gift from Blasko: insider advice from the music industry at the end of the episode. If you are thinking of […]

WHRH 009 | Does your Band Really Want to be Famous?

Blasko constantly gets asked “How do I get my band famous?” In today’s podcast, we tackle the “fame” question and analyze what this really means in today’s music industry. (Check us out on iTunes, too!) Show Notes: What is “fame”? Bands want to make a living making music. Fame […]