Why Your Likes And Follows Don’t Matter with Wade Sutton | WHRH 052 5

RocketToTheStars.com’s Wade Sutton chats with me about social media, websites, and capturing email leads for your band.

One of the big mistakes we see bands make is how they interpret their numbers on social media, and how most bands get those numbers totally wrong.

Even to the point of buying those likes and follows in order to look impressive.

This is a huge mistake, and we discuss this topic and many others for truly getting your fans to hear what you have to say, get sales and show attendance, and not be a spammy musician.

Rocket To The Star's Wade Sutton discusses social media with your band and why your likes and follows don't really matter

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Make sure people know you are on Twitter!

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My Band's First Show: Snowstorms and Marketing

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Ramblings of a Burnt Out Musician with a Shitty Promotion

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A Beginning Strategy for Band Promotion: Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging

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