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Why Your Likes And Follows Don’t Matter with Wade Sutton | WHRH 052 2

RocketToTheStars.com’s Wade Sutton chats with me about social media, websites, and capturing email leads for your band.

One of the big mistakes we see bands make is how they interpret their numbers on social media, and how most bands get those numbers totally wrong.

Even to the point of buying those likes and follows in order to look impressive.

This is a huge mistake, and we discuss this topic and many others for truly getting your fans to hear what you have to say, get sales and show attendance, and not be a spammy musician.

Rocket To The Star's Wade Sutton discusses social media with your band and why your likes and follows don't really matter

WHRH 031 | Music Success in a Cold-Water Hot Tub with Bob Wayne

Listen on Stitcher                                                  Check out this podcast on iTunes. Bob Wayne is the special guest on today’s episode of Work Hard, Rock Harder. Bob Wayne is a full time musician who shares how he makes a living in music. Unfortunately, my audio sucks, but bear through it! Bob Wayne has played with The 357 […]

WHRH 030 | Music Success with James Hunnicutt

James Hunnicutt is a full time musician and is sharing how he does it in this podcast. This interview really opened my eyes to what you need to be willing to sacrifice to accomplish your passion of music. Even more, James helped me see what is really important in both life and success. I […]

WHRH 015 | No Room For Rockstars


Blasko and Seth discuss No Room For Rock Stars, a behind-the-scenes documentary of the Vans Warped Tour. This movie covers 4 bands on the Warped Tour with one band not even on the bill for the tour, but following it in hopes of getting a chance to play. Watch No Room for […]

5 Steps to Writing Killer Songs for your Band 17

Want to have a killer set for your new band? Do you want to knock the socks off that crowd on your first show? I have an idea on how to write your band’s first set of songs quickly and to the greatest effect. Please keep in mind, the following is an experiment that I’m […]

5 Steps to Writing Killer Songs for your Band

12 Tips to Handle Social Media Overload (via MichaelBrandvold.com)

I feel a bit giddy! I just did my first guest post over at Michael Brandvold’s site. I’ve been overwhelmed with e-mail, tweets, and blogs lately, so I developed a strategy to manage my time. Here’s an excerpt of the post. The full deal can be read at Michael’s site.  (Thank you, Michael!)   Time […]

Reward Your Fans on YouTube…and Dramatically Get Even More Fans. 20

Inspired by Thorny Bleeder’s vlog about using YouTube to reward your fans, I decided to experiment with Shiplosion and received excellent results! Have you ever tried blasting to all your friends to add your band’s fan page? How’d that work for ya? Probably not as well as you wanted. Have you been spammed to add […]

The Idiot Check: Avoid Screwing Yourself Over 16

As I’m in the middle of moving out of my apartment, I keep having that annoying feeling of “What am I missing” or “Am I forgetting something.” The same type of feeling creeps up on me after I’ve finished a show, and I’m about an hour away. “Did I just leave something really important behind?” […]

6 Easily Avoidable Mistakes for a Band to Make at a Show 24

I went to a show tonight.  Every Monday I try to catch “Metal Monday” at the 2 Bit Saloon in Seattle. Tonight, was a great show! However, I’m noticing mistakes that every band should just slap themselves over. I’m slapping myself, because I’ve done the exact same thing in my bands.  Here they are. 1. No […]

5 Steps To Become a Mobile Merch Table 15

I did it.  I took the plunge.  I bought a tablet.  Not the iPad, though.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  I bought it for this post, in fact. Why would I do such a thing?  Well, I’ve been kicking around the idea of making the merch table mobile.  I’m not saying replace the merch […]