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Why Your Likes And Follows Don’t Matter with Wade Sutton | WHRH 052 5’s Wade Sutton chats with me about social media, websites, and capturing email leads for your band.

One of the big mistakes we see bands make is how they interpret their numbers on social media, and how most bands get those numbers totally wrong.

Even to the point of buying those likes and follows in order to look impressive.

This is a huge mistake, and we discuss this topic and many others for truly getting your fans to hear what you have to say, get sales and show attendance, and not be a spammy musician.

Rocket To The Star's Wade Sutton discusses social media with your band and why your likes and follows don't really matter

How To Make Money In A Cover Band (Even If You Play Originals) with Andrew Verdoes of Blue-A-Fuse

How To Make Money With A Cover Band (Even If You Play Originals) | WHRH 047

In the latest episode of Work Hard, Rock Harder, I’m joined by Andrew Verdoes of the band Blue-A-Fuse.

In addition to being a full time musician and doing original music, Andrew’s band also does a lot of cover gigs. In this episode, Andrew tells you how to get these paying gigs…and how to slip your original music in under the radar.

WHRH 035 | Busting Genres, Networking, and Burnt Fingers with Hamilton Loomis

This week, Hamilton Loomis joins the show to talk about crossing genres of music, song writing, and how he makes a living as a musician.

Genres, Networking, and Burnt Fingers. Interview with Hamilton Loomis

WHRH 028 | Facebook: Some Do’s and Don’ts 2

Been busy and then sick. Sorry for the lack of updates! Talking about Facebook today and how to get your fans on to your band’s Facebook event invite. Facebook events won’t allow you to add your page’s fans. You can only invite your personal friends to an event. A […]

WHRH 021 | Motivation, Education, and Action

Check us out on iTunes. In this episode of Work Hard, Rock Harder, the subject is the members of your band who do not want to contribute. The member of your band that says, “I’m just in it for the music. I don’t want to learn all the social […]

WHRH 013 | Do What Needs to be Done 2


Blasko uncovers the real secret to success. That secret is to just do it, even when you don’t want to. It sounds simple, but most bands don’t do what needs to be done in order to succeed. They wait. They put it off. They think someone […]