Twitter for Musicians, Day 13: Extreme Power Tools to Become a Twitter Ninja 3


Power Tools for Twitter!So now that you have your daily schedule, how do you cope with all the things you need to tweet from day to day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make it look like you are on Twitter all the time? A way to be posting to Twitter even when you are asleep or jamming?

You are in luck! There are a host of tools to help you with Twitter, and I’m going to over a few that I like.

This is definitely not a complete list! There are a ton of cool tools out there and new ones coming 0ut all the time. But here’s what I use to handle my Twitter-verse.


Hootsuite is my main go-to application. There are two big reasons I use HootSuite: scheduling and organization.

Hootsuite’s scheduling is the main attraction. You can schedule your tweets to go out whenever you want.

Remember how I said you can sit down for 20 minutes and get all your tweets for the week done? Well, Hootsuite is how you do it.

Use Hootsuite to schedule all your tweets

The second awesome thing is how Hootsuite arranges information. You can have all your lists separated into columns for easy viewing.

Your lists and tweets are easily displayed as columns in Hootsuite

You can easily reply to anyone or retweet them from here and schedule those to go out at different points during the day. Very powerful!

Just recently, Hootsuite added “autoschedule”. If you have this enabled, Hootsuite will try to determine the best time to release your tweets for maximum follower engagement. Cool!

Also, Hootsuite has a little app for your browser called “Hootlet“. Hootlet simply lets you quickly add the web page you are looking at to Hootsuite’s scheduler without leaving the page. Very convenient!


BufferApp is an add-on for either Firefox or Chrome. You set up BufferApp to send tweets at certain times of the day. Like Hootlet above, you just add whatever page you are looking at to your “Buffer”.

Schedule your posts through Buffer

So as you are web surfing through the day, and you see something interesting you want to share, just click on the little Buffer icon and add the web page.

As a courtesy (and added networking), I always try to add the twitter handle to the person that wrote the article when adding articles to Buffer.

Buffer popover for adding an article.

Buffer allows you to sit down for ten minutes of web surfing and fill your buffer for a couple of days. So while you are at work, your Buffer is tweeting on your behalf.

(Later, I will show you a strategy that will have you salivating to use Buffer to share web pages!)


Tweriod is a tool that analyzes when your followers are most engaged with you. This helps so you can plan out tweets at the optimal times of the day.

Even better, it integrates with BufferApp! Tweriod will analyze the best times to tweet and set up that schedule with your BufferApp.

Very easy to do!


On Fridays, people like to do Follow Friday on Twitter. They use either the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF.

I highly recommend you get in on this action! #FF fans, music media, blogs, other bands. It’s a great way to say you appreciate someone else on Twitter!

However, it can be a bit painful to do #FollowFridays. Follow Friday Helper is a website that eases that burden by showing who you have interacted with and lets you easily add them to a #FF tweet.

This is a great time-saving tool!

[subhead][/subhead] creates a daily magazine out of your Twitter following. It creates a very sleek webpage with the best content and then tweets out a daily publication with certain of your followers mentioned.

Let create cool stories from your Twitter following

Honestly, you don’t even need to read the articles it creates. It’s main use (in my opinion) is to do automated networking with your followers. allows you to curate the content as well. You can have separate daily posts based on your lists or just certain followers. For instance, you can have a Seattle Music Daily or a New York Hip Hop Daily. Whatever you want!

What tools do you use? Let me know in the comments!

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