Twitter Guide for Musicians

Day 1: No One Follows the Egg!

Day 2: What to Tweet?

Day 3: Finding People to Follow with Advanced Search

Day 4: What the Hell is a Retweet?

Day 5: Use Mentions to Get Attention

Day 6: Use Hashtags to Own Twitter!

Day 7: Fight the Chaos and Start Building your Lists

Day 8: Has your Account Been Hacked?

Day 9: Avoid this Horrible Behavior at All Costs!

Day 10: Get Rid of the Dead Weight!

Day 11: The Stunning Art of Micro-Blogging

Day 12: Create your Editorial Calendar

Day 13: Extreme Power Tools to become a Twitter Ninja!

Day 14: How often should you Tweet?

Day 15: Share your Music using Soundcloud, YouTube, and More!

Day 16: Recycle your Tweets

Day 17: Power Tweeting

Day 18: Twitter Chat

Day 19: Need Press? Start Building your Power List

Day 20: Hack the System: Follow the Individual, Not the Business

Day 21: Essentials for Getting Press

Day 22: Support your Scene and your Fans

Day 23: More than One Bandmate Using the Twitter Account

Day 24: Spice Up your Tweets with Pictures

Day 25: What Do your Followers Really Want?

Day 26: Always Lead them Back to your Website

Day 27: Okay…NOW You Can SELL!

Day 28: Be Vain or Lose Out

Day 29: An Evil Tool To Grow Your Following

Day 30: What? You’re on Twitter?